My Authentic Scottish Porridge


Starting the day off with a protein filled breakfast such as porridge that is low in sugar is essential. 

It’s starting to cool down in the Northern hemisphere so I thought I’d share my favourite porridge recipe as I love sitting down to eat porridge on a cold winters morning.


It has been shown that Porridge can help reduce fluctuations in blood sugar level and can stop you getting hungry very quickly. And soon after your breakfast, this is the time when you would then want to go grab a healthy snacks.

To make the porridge you’ll need.

  • 110g/4oz pinhead or rolled oats
  • 275ml/9½ fl oz water or milk or a mixture of both

The most important ingredient in my porridge recipe is the oats themselves. Pin Head, steel-cut oats are the best choice, followed by premium quality rolled oats.


The first thing you need to decide if you want to use milk, water or a combination of both.

If you like your porridge nice and creamy then go with all milk.

Pu the oats into a heavy saucepan and then place in the milk or water combination.

Slowly bring the mixture to a boil making sure you keep stirring until the porridge begins to thicken up.

Once it starts to thicken you can lower you can lower the heat so it doesn’t start to burn.

Then simmer the porridge for around 7 minutes.

Then remove from the heat and let it stand for about 1 minute.  This can help it cool slightly so you don’t end up burning your mouth.

You can serve your porridge is a variety of topping.  Some of the best are Maple Syrup, honey or a small teaspoon of Jam.


Interesting Facts:

Oats are a slow release carbohydrate and are perfect for a low G.I. diet. Research also shows they can also be useful for lowering cholesterol.

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